pandanon island | Martin Tabanag

Travel to Pandanon Island Philippines

Happy Birthday to Luke! Pandanon Island lies in between Cebu and Bohol but it is politically part of the latter. boating to Pandanon Island. Had a couple of drinks and a lot of delicious food.…

Kandaya Resort | Martin Tabanag

Kandaya Resort Cebu

Kandaya Resort, A luxurious resort located in the northern part of Cebu, is a very beautiful place. We went here for a birthday celebration of my cousin, Monica. My relatives and I spent the whole…

Island hopping cebu | Martin Tabanag

Island hopping cebu philippines

Island Hopping in Lapulapu Cebu with a few friends and meeting new ones. My close friend invited me to go with him and his girlfriend with their friends' island hopping. The plan was to go…